Blue Dog Paintings

Blue Dog Paintings

Blue Dog Paintings

These paintings are the work of Cajun artist, George Rodrique of New Iberia, Louisiana.  His initial inspiration to paint came from a family get together while surrounded by moss-clad oak trees in French Louisiana.  Moving on to become famous in New York for his Cajun abstract expressionism nützlicher inhalt.

Some of his early works are Tree Oaks and The Aioli Dinner.  Probably his most famous piece is Evangeline, which was from a poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow   Rodrique was also a designer for the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival with Louis Armstrong, Pete Fountain and Al Hirt featured front and center.

Blue Dog Art

What really created his worldwide stardom was his blue dog painting series.  According to Rodrique, his blue dog art was inspired by his deceased dog, Tiffany and also, the Loup Garou legend.  The Blue Dog became very popular because Xerox and Absolut Vodka used the blue-hued spaniel with white nose and yellow eyes in national ad campaigns.

Heist and Recovery of Two Blue Dog Paintings



Blue Dog artist George Rodrigue has died