We Can Create a Masterpiece Portrait of Your Dog

We Can Create a Masterpiece Portrait of Your Dog


It’s our desire to create a dog portrait that is meaningful and moving . It will be a novel piece of art that is passionately painted by our dog portrait artists because it’s of a subject that requires no added passion — your companion.


  • Aim high with every portrait that we create.

  • Our dog artists are extremely experienced.

  • We paint with purpose.

  • Our paintings will last lifetime and will add joy each and every day.

  • We are not afraid to make the changes that you desire.

  • We always remember that we are making a special work of art of once in a lifetime friend.


Attention To Detail

Attention To Detail

Our dog portrait artists attention to detail is unmatched.

This custom dog painting is done using oil on canvas nützlicher inhalt.  What is it about your dog that is so special?  What are his/her quirks?  Send us your photo that captures the bond between you and your companion and our artists will make sure every detail is exact.

It’s all about capturing your dog’s character.