How Do I Order?

The ordering process if very simple.  The first step is to decide what size oil painting you would like of your dog.  Our sizes can be found on the purchase page above.  Once you have selected a size and paid for your custom dog portrait then you need to select your favorite photo for our dog portrait artist.  Below is a step by step guide to how it all works:

Select size and buy your portrait

Send us the photo you selected

Are you happy with the background nützlicher inhalt? If not, tell us your ideas

Once we see the your photo we will select the artists based on your dog’s breed and facial character

After that is set, the artist will begin the painting by making a light sketch

As the painting progresses, we will keep you informed with updates when available

The time it takes to finish varies depending on the subject but you can plan on 14 to 21 days

A final photo will be sent to you via email for your approval

If you see anything that you want changed, will work with you to fine tune the portrait

After the changes are completed, we will send you a follow up photo for your approval


We will ship your portrait via courier after the oil on the painting has dried

You will receive your painting in a few short days

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