Our Guide to Getting the Perfect Dog Painting

Our Guide to Getting the Perfect Dog Painting


Study Of A Dog
Jean-Léon Gérôme

At The Dog Painter we’ve always considered painting dogs as a fantastic pursuit. It just is a very special profession. We are painting someone’s loved companion into a unique piece of art. It’s a positive endeavor in every possible way.

We of course paint by photo because it would be a bit silly if we were to actually have a dog sitting! What dog wants to sit and watch an artist paint them?

The dog would be thinking, “By the way Mr. Dog Painter, that stuff on the end of your stick looks surprisingly like food. I know you let me sniff it earlier to discover that it was in fact not food but I’m bored again and would like to recheck. It will be just a little harmless reconfirmation, if you don’t mind?”

Here are our guidelines to creating a great painting.

When photographing your dog, you want the best photo possible which will result in a great painting. Keep your environment stress free and normal. You want your dog in his/her natural surroundings. You know best what you see in your dogs overall character and to help the artists achieve that you should take a good photo.

Of course all dogs have different hair. Our job is to make sure that the different length and color are clearly seen. The face area is where the tiny details concerning hair can make or break a good painting.

We have painted countless dogs and we use that history to adapt to all breeds of dogs. It doesn’t matter if it’s a pure breed or a mixed breed because our knowledge and experience painting all dogs’ helps us fine tune each painting.

The detail of the ears can be overlooked by some artists if they are painting too fast because they are such an important part of a dogs personality. In what state are they generally in? What part of the head are they on weiterlesen? Please keep that in mind when you take your photo.

The eyes are so important

This is where the magic of a painting comes into play. Generally, we start with the size of the pupil then move out to the iris and finally, the rest of the eye. Making sure they are in the right position.

And to be a bit more specific on eye color, the vast majority of dog’s eyes are brown. But not all brown eyes are the exactly same. Please make sure your photo doesn’t have red glare because we need to really look closely at the specific brown eye color your dog has.

Please pay attention to how your dog handles his/her tail. Even though it seems dog tail language is the same for all dogs, yours will be unique. Take your picture with that in mind https://ed-nederland.com/.

Legs and paws can be hard to paint. Some breeds of dogs are harder to paint then others but if you have a good photo with enough light on these areas it won’t be a problem. Please make sure we can see everything.

It’s important that your photo relates to us your dog’s size. If you think it’s clear from the photo then it probably is. Of course, we can just paint facial portraits if that is what you like. Just keep it in mind.

Making a great painting is a partnership. We need a great photo and you want a once in a lifetime oil portrait.

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