Image That Will Become Art





A high quality image is used to begin the process.

The First Step


The artist begins with an outline.


Base Paint is Added


The artist adds the background/base paint.


More Paint is Applied


The base is prepared.  Time now for the details.


Attention to Detail


The family’s house at the time of the photo.  It’s now an everlasting memory as part of the painting.


More Details


The leaves on the lawn are a reminder of the crisp day in autumn.

The paws together is a nice touch.


My Pretty Face



Happy mugs on a great day and now they are beautiful art.



Ready To Enjoy




The painting is ready for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Now you have real art.

Great Dogs, Great Art.






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“A photo is just a point in time but an oil painting is history”

Your dog’s personality will be revealed with every brush stroke

Best Dog Painters

Our artists focus exclusively on painting dogs.  It’s a real talent, painting dogs on canvas.

Art Lovers

We are art lovers.  We created our company because we love to create art with the perfect subjects.

Dog Lovers

Our dog painting portraits are fantastic because we love dogs.  Art plus dogs is the perfect combination.

We Paint Dreams

To have a real oil on canvas painting is special. To have a piece of art that is your dog is a dream come true.


A few of our great dogs











Pablo and Vincent

Pablo and Vincent


The Dog Painter is based out of Houston, Texas.

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